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"With each of my works of art, I want to make the incomprehensible visible, like small pieces of a mosaic that show the way to one's own truthfulness."

Armageddon von Florian Simon Eiler


Human history is marked by catastrophes: wars, frightening conflicts, famines, killer viruses.

Currently, the corona pandemic has shown us how fragile

is the varnish of human culture.

Our much-vaunted "we-feeling" quickly revealed itself

as a deceptive veil.

The fact is: people as such are not to be trusted – rather everything can be trusted in him. On the whole, our existence can end in desolation.

The series "Apocalypse Man" is a wake-up call to reflect on your own actions.

An appeal to leave your comfort zone as a chance for change!

Quo vadis.jpg


Water flows, streams, trickles, dances, jumps, splashes,

rages and races through our lives. It is a constant fountain

of newness and also the imagination.

This tingling liquid is an essential element of our existence:

Life came from water, water is not only outside of us, but also within us 75 percent of our body consists of water.

The liquid element is also often used as a symbol. As the

water of life, it can stand for healing, renewal, transformation or birth.

The epic works of art staged like a fairy tale, full of mystical attributes, arouse associations about becoming and passing away and ultimately our being held in the holistic nature of the creative spirit visualized human journeys to hopeful paths,

that open before him...



The most significant fireball in our universe is our sun. When it sinks into the sunset, it immerses the entire landscape in a red, glowing energy zone. Fire is both

a source of heat and a source of light and stands for zest for action, passion and symbolizes creation.

The fiery element rules the zodiac signs Aries, Leo and Schat. They are considered to be creators with innovative skills.

Her drive is curiosity and the inner fire that

burning in them gives magical powers of attraction.

As mediators between heaven and earth, they manage to have both feet firmly rooted in the earth and at the same time reach for the starsn.

Let yourself be inflamed by the works in order to exploit the unlimited potential of possibilities and abilities that you carry within you.



Like King Ludwig I., who every summer gen Pfold, Tegernsee native Florian Simon Eiler immediately fell in love with the region west of the Rhinebt. And permanently!

Picturesque wine-growing villages, where vines stretch across streets and alleys, dense forests, rolling hills and, above all,

the old walls of imposing castlesthe artist was particularly taken with them and their checkered history.

As the scene of military conflicts, myths and legends, they are

a constant source of inspiration.

And all this in the middle of a region with a truly Italian flair

and thousands of vines.

An area for connoisseurs and an occasion for a creative homage!

Bild "Die Weinkönigin"
Die Hexe - eine Hommage an Tausende von Frauen von Florian Simon Eiler


Haunting or vulnerable, unsettled, maybe even traumatized. Head held high and aesthetically beautiful.

Florian Simon Eiler's portrait worlds are as disturbing as they are beguiling. But ultimately show exactly what makes us human:

A kaleidoscope of all imaginable character facets, contrary thoughts and feelings, desires, dreams

and bare realities. It is the eyes in particular that fascinate and draw us as the viewer into the inner life of the people.

Usat the same time ask the following questions:

"Who am I and who can or will I be?"





Don't just look at the work of art with your eyes

stop and stand still. Works for a short break.

Because every piece tells its own story. Already by nature.

Whether a gnarled old vine, a former dining room chair or a

disused glass vase.

"I see the impact of life and inner beauty in every object."

Processing them with one's own inspiration and idea is for the

Artist Florian Simon Eiler always happy and full of fulfillment,

wonderful and unique.

It is important for his work to include the big questions of life such

as upheaval, change and departure.

And perhaps the viewer will also find answers for yourself personally

and individually...

Wohn-Art from the Artist Florian Simon Eiler
Artist Florian Simon Eiler: Seelenpforte
Artist Florian Simon Eiler: "Hoffnungsfluten"
Artist Florian Simon Eiler: "Als ich den Sommer roch"


The longing to feel complete and fulfilled runs deep within each of us. Someone connect this also with the divine, the absolute, with enlightenment and awakening. Other than a sense of liberation and freedom. Ultimately, there are many names for this great, seemingly intangible transcendent. But why is it not tangible?

The reasoning is very simple: because we first have to find and recognize ourselves – our true self.

"I see my fantastic worlds as 'learning images' for a universal coexistence on the basis to accept himself as part of creation."

Get involved in this scenery and have the courage to look into the depths of your hidden bright and dreary worlds and repressed illusions!

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