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"Defend your unique life with all its contrasts and multifacetedness. Listen to your inner self and demand YOUR life! - against all resistance from your personal environment, politics or social norms."

Who are you? Who do you WANT to be?

Break your chains!


“Many of us are prisoners. Convicts of one's own habits or imposed ones Norms of politics, society or private environment. Chained to subjective perception, convenience as well as mainstream and yes-saying! This indifference fills me with unbridled anger!


Because our life is unique with all its contrasts and multifacetedness - loved and protected for generations. And worth defending!

For me, a passionate, passionate life begins outside of my comfort zone. Leaving them means having the courage to break your own shackles, to immerse yourself in long-suppressed illusions - but also means to be freer and more self-determined and to act.


Many have forgotten how to listen to their inner being. dare not

to claim YOUR life.

MY path is the fine arts. Against all odds!


MY works should be the initial spark for the viewer.

Full of explosive power.
The trigger to create your OWN path.

The themes in the creations change, but they all have one thing in common: the protagonists embody the pure power of standing up to it – no matter what the obstacle. Expressive speaking figures in eyes and look. But also beings - daydreaming, decisiveness, melancholy and self-understanding - who am I and who can or want to be!


Let yourself be inflamed by them, cast a spell over you.

Become aware of YOUR limitless strength - it is the source

for YOUR renewal!”

Artist Florian Simon Eiler
Artist Florian Simon Eiler

The revelation of the shimmering metal


A steel structure in a hotel has an unquenchable flame in me

kindled for art", says Florian Simon Eiler, describing the beginning of his artistic path.  "Through the use of gold and silver, the optical coldness was withdrawn from the metal. Depending on the incidence of light, it shone very differently.” – For the trained TV journalist, an illumination of himself:

"From that day on, there was only one thing for me: I HAVE to be creative!"

The fantastic worlds of the native of Tegernsee always reflect a part of himself: rebellious, powerful, nonconformist, disturbing and beguiling and seem to be full of fractures - painted states of mind,

in which the inside breaks ground, is turned to the outside and literally explodes there.

 "I want to look behind the facade, penetrate it and bring out what is original in us, which we do not explicitly see."

Eiler achieves this dramatic effect through the high plasticity of his works: with his spatial concepts, the play with color - often coordinated down to the last detail - the conscious use of light and shadow, working with paste, he tries everything technically in life and death, Getting pleasure and pain, closeness and distance out of his characters. But at the same time

there is always a departure and a new beginning - hope as the main theme.

A special feature in his oeuvre is the use of the color "gold"

as a stylistic device. As the noblest of the metals, it symbolizes immortality, perfection and at the same time the driving fire inherent in it:


"Gold is 'liquefied sun' and therefore also stands for energy, abundance and strength."

Florian Simon Eiler is self-taught and perhaps because of that absolutely unlimited in his work. His intensive works provide lively topics of conversation and are sought after by national and international recipients above all because of their narrative content and their complexity. Because they not only reveal something about his "artist soul" and its impetus, but above all a lot about ourselves.

Sophisticated and singular art that serves as a universal mirror of the soul...

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